Female Power Player “Wendy Day” releases new book…..

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Music Veteran, Wendy Day, Launches Affordable Book Series To Educate Industry Hopefuls


First Installment of "The Knowledge To Succeed" Hits Digital Stores

Atlanta, GA — Wendy Day has had a successful 20-year career shopping, structuring, and negotiating record deals for some of music’s biggest talents and is renowned for sharing the knowledge she has accrued with music industry hopefuls as a keynote speaker at a wealth of music conferences, via her websites, and many blogs. Wendy’s resume reads like a Who’s Who of the music industry as she has worked with, advised, and/or consulted the careers of Eminem, Master P’s No Limit Records (Master P, Mia X, C-Murder, Fiend, Beats By The Pound), Cash Money Records (Lil Wayne, BG, Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, Hot Boyz, and Big Tymers), Twista, Do Or Die, Cormega, Young Buck, Killa Mike, UGK, Machine Gun Kelly, David Banner, Mistah FAB, TMI Boyz, 4ize, and many others.

Seeing a need for current information based on first-hand experience on so many aspects of the music industry, Wendy decided to write a series of affordable digital books, covering the subjects in depth. The first ebook is entitled "How To Get A Record Deal" and is available at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes&Noble.com, Sony’s ebook store, and TheKnowledgeToSucceed.com for $6.99. The purpose of the books is to educate artists, producers, DJ’s and the teams behind them on the ins and outs to succeeding in today’s music business. Wendy aims to dispel the many myths and untruths that exist in the music business about its inner workings.

“By far, the number one question I am asked as I speak at music conferences around the country is ‘how do I get signed to a record label?’ Artists still hold getting a record deal as their goal,” shares Wendy Day on a rare stop between lectures. “Even after explaining how to do it on my Blogs, and even sharing specifics of deals I’ve shopped and negotiated, I’m still asked ‘how do I get a deal’ almost daily.” We now have more artists entering and floundering in the music industry than any time in the history of recorded music. Wendy’s goal is to arm them with the knowledge they need to compete and succeed, in an industry that is known to not share specifics of how-to, and that is difficult to maneuver on one’s own.

Music sales have dropped by almost half in the past decade, and digital sales are climbing steadily while artists still mistakenly believe that talent and a great demo are the answer to securing success in the music industry. “To stand out in this over saturated industry, artists must build a fan base and increase their hype (“buzz”) in their own region and on the internet first. A label has to see the value of investing in an artist before taking the risk of signing an artist to their label. Gone are the days of A&R folks spotting talent and signing them without a movement behind them,” explains Day.

In her years in the music industry, Wendy Day has built a strong reputation for the role she has played in some well-known deals, such as MasterP’s No Limit deal at Priority Records, Twista’s joint venture at Atlantic Records, Eminem’s deal at Interscope Records, David Banner’s deal atSRC/Universal, and the infamous Cash Money distribution deal at Universal Records that brought the world Lil Wayne, Juvenile, BG, Big Tymers, Manny Fresh, and the Hot Boyz. Wendy Day believes in openly sharing her methods, her experience, and her business practices in detail so that artists will understand the truth of what it takes to attract the attention of a record label in the current music business economy.

In 1992, Wendy Day started the not-for-profit artists’ advocacy group, Rap Coalition, to educate, inform, and unify rappers. Tired of the unfair contracts that slanted the deals in favor of the record labels thereby bringing the artists little to no share of the income, she began renegotiating their deals and/or breaking the contracts. She then went on to negotiate some of the most stellar deals in urban music, a few of which secured ownership of the all-important masters for the artists.

The next release, available in December, will be “Turning Music Into Money: How To Put Out Your Own Music Independently” for anyone interested in doing it themselves or starting a record label.




Book Excerpt:
Wendy Day’s Bio:

Wendy can be reached atThisIsWendyDay@gmail.com
or at 404.474.1999


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